Hearthstone is a simple game that will keep you occupied for hours and even days. It is a card-based game where a player will have to beat opponents by collecting better and stronger cards. Timing is essential as well. In order to beat the opponents, you will have to use right cards at a precise moment.

Play versus computer and develop your skills

The game looks simple, but it is actually loaded with possibilities and a variety of features. If we add hundreds of different cards, you can get an idea how much time you must invest into building up your skills. Luckily, there is an option to play versus computer. By doing so, you will learn all the needed facts. In addition, computer will use real heroes from the game and slowly guide you through the process.

Switch between smartphone, tablet and a PC in no time

Although, this is more of an addition you can occasionally use, nowadays it is more than just relevant. We liked the ability that your account will be connected to Battle.com. In simple words, this allows you to switch to the device you will use to play the game. While traveling, smartphones or a tablet is a right choice, but when you are in the comfort of your home, a computer is a better alternative. Originally released in 2014, the game was available for Windows and Mac OS, but supports for Android and iOS were implemented later.

 Arena duels

Once you develop your skills and collect strong cards, making the ultimate deck, you are ready to go to the Arena. Here, you can summon other players to try your luck. Victory will generate you a huge prize, while a loss will take a small amount of strength you collected. The arena is an idea when you want to quickly make a progress or when you just want to show to other players your superior cards.

Warcraft heroes and spells

Hearthstone is based on the Warcraft series. This means that you get all the heroes, spells and relics from the Warcraft series. There is no point in telling you how great this feature is and that it made the entire game extremely popular. Before you start playing, your mission will be to choose a hero who will represent you.

Daily Quest system

One of the features that will make you want to play the game every single day is a Daily Quest. In general, this feature allows you to complete daily puzzles and /or battles to generate coins. With those coins, you can get a new set of cards. To sum things up, winning the daily quests will allow you to get better cards every day. Just a small glimpse of the additions, you can get include winning 3 duels or getting the ability to inflict total damage.


  • Intuitive and interesting gameplay
  • Placed in Warcraft Universe
  • Plenty of different heroes
  • You can advance constantly


  • Trading cards isn’t available
  • Buying extra additions isn’t very appealing


If you like Warcraft movies, games or anything that has a connection with it, you must play Hearthstone. The game is developed to be more than just interesting to all who want to implement Warcraft universe into their own world.